Equipment - CyberBox

Our hardware solution is packed inside one box to easily set up eTags placed on different products with Cloud environment or third party devices which can be control by compute module. CyberBox is a complete and ready to use electronic device dedicated to gather all eTags signals, relay information to the cloud and cooperate with devices like engines or payment terminals.

Inside of the box:

  • eTags RFID are very small antennas stick to products od items which will be identified by Cyber solution
  • Ultra High Frequency Reader is using to gather information about eTags, their position and status
  • Compute module process all information, synchronize with the Cloud application and cooperate with external devices
  • WAN modem is responsible for communicate between Compute module and Cloud application

CyberBox is compatible with different types of eTags and can be integrated with third party hardware devices to control and connect with them.


Connections between all components are wireless. eTags are scanning by readers to identify, authorize and track. Readers exchange information between eTags and Cloud centralized system with secured HTTPS protocols.

  • EPC Global Gen 2 Class 1 is using to communicate between eTags and UHF readers
  • GPRS, WiFi communication between devices and Cloud system based on asynchronous events is a prooven standards for IoT solutions
  • HTTPS, SSL secure connection between readers and Cloud is a guarantee of data confidentiality
  • Connection to control external device is available directly from CyberBox or Cloud API level

Modularized and flexibly designed components are connected between each others using global standards make up complete IoT product.

Software - CyberApp

To achieve stable and secure environment whole infrastructure uses Software as a Service model in the Cloud. You have 24/7 access to view and manage all your connected devices and products. Dashboard being a a part of the solution is a modern and user friendly application dedicated for system administrators.

Inside of the app:

  • 24/7 available user dashboard
  • Real time data synchronization with all CyberBox equipment
  • eTags management, personalization and status modification
  • CyberBox management and monitoring

CyberApp is a heart of our solution which is responsible to integrate and gather all devices and eTags in a real time to get operator a complete information about product status positions and availability. This solution can be easily integrated with thirdparty software via REST API or message notification system.


Distributed IoT system is well integrated on every architecture level with the highest standards. All parts of the system are securely connected to provide safe and fast ecosystem driven on business needs.

  • Provisioning for every new device is completely automated and based on system process
  • Pairing new products with eTags as mass process is supported
  • Onboarding to the system is natural and easy to go process
  • Managing of physical products has never been as focus in one place

Products with eTags are living in system to be tracking in completely automated way thanks to close integration between all physical and logical components.