Cloud Access Control & Tolling

Time-tested automatic vehicle identification (AVI) solutions are used in parking facilities, medical centers, college campuses, business parks, and gated communities across the globe. Our wireless, RFID-based system ensures the highest level of security, while providing hands-free convenience and sustainability. Our environmentally-friendly, battery-free tags require less petroleum-based raw material to manufacture, resulting in a lower total carbon footprint.

  • Commercial & municipal parking. Facility administrators who charge patrons by the hour, day, or month can automate parking fee administration
  • Corporate & business campus parking. AVI technology provides employees a secure environment and convenient accessibility. Parking facility administrators at corporate and business campuses can dedicate specific parking areas for staff, separate from visitor and delivery vehicles.
  • Hospital & medical centers parking. Present unique, operational challenges for parking facility administrators, including varied parking and access areas for several types of patrons: doctors, administration/staff and visitors
  • College & university parking. Campuses have unique parking challenges with multiple types of facilities, numerous entry/exit points, and separate areas for students, faculty, and staff – all in a limited area of space
  • Gated communities access control. Managers of gated communities know that residents want the security and comfort of an AVI system that protects people, homes, property, and vehicles within the community. Gated, controlled access prevents unwelcome people from entering, and allows residents to enter their communities without having to stop and roll down their car windows.

AVI solutions for access control and car tolling become more popular around the world. Thanks to our CyberMatic products you can focus on business without any technical obstacles.


We believe RFID has the power to change and improve our daily lives. This technology provides the right tools to speed up and simplify all business processes. We design and provide RFID tags adapted to your needs. All tags are compatible with international standards and with our products.

The main advantages of using ours eTags:

  • Security. Protect your products & data without compromises
  • Track & Trace. Identify your goods & assets
  • Customisation. Based on your specific needs we can provide any types of eTags
  • Save time & money. RFID technology is designed to reduce costs and human attention

We recognise that technology is ever-evolving and advancing throughout all business environment and social activities. Our technical strength allows us to understand the limitations of technology, how to implement them and to incorporate viable solutions using mature, workable and practical processes.